Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Classroom Tour

I was excited to welcome all of my new kindergarten kids today at Kindergarten Camp! 
This is what their new classroom looks like!

Here is our outside bulletin board.  All of the student's names are listed on the treasure map!  As you can see, we have a pirate themed classroom this year!

This is the view from our classroom door.  Soon there will be a Star of the Week on display!

These are pictures of the student's mailboxes and our classroom library.  The pirate ship will be used to display the center rotations for each school day.

This is our take home library.  Each week students will be able to choose books from this bin to add to their take home book bag. 

This is our whole group learning area.  We will read, sing, and use the Smartboard while we are on the carpet.

This is a picture of our classroom behavior chart.  All students will begin each day on the green section, "We Arrr Ready to Learn".  Students have the opportunity to move up the chart when they demonstrate good choices. 

This is our Popcorn Success Wall.  We will refer to our sight words as "popcorn" words because they should "pop" right out of your mouth!

This is our writing center and a view of our word wall.  As we learn new words, we'll place them on the word wall.  The word wall will assist students as they begin to write independently.

This is a view of our classroom from our library.  We have four tables for the students.  We refer to each table as a color: red, blue, green and yellow.

This is our guided reading table.  Each day groups of six students will come to this table for small group reading instruction.

Thank you for stopping by to visit our classroom!  Check back often to see what we are learning!


  1. I love it! Super colorful and inviting :)

  2. Kaedin loves showing all of our family his classroom on the blog! Thanks so much for keeping us in the loop :)

  3. You have an ADORABLE classroom and your blog is so cute! I can't wait to see your future posts! I'm your newest follower! =)
    Under the Alphabet Tree

  4. Yay, Jessica! Thank you for following my blog! I check your often ;) Thanks for stopping by!