Monday, November 24, 2014

How to Practice Sight Words

Automatic sight word identification plays a crucial role in your child's growing literacy skills.  Practicing sight words on a nightly basis will help your child read emergent level texts with accuracy and fluency.

Here are a few ideas for how you can make practicing FUN!

Fill a Ziploc bag with paint, or colored hair gel.  Then have your student use their finger, or a Q-tip, to trace the words in the paint.

Paint Filled Printing Bags

You can find alphabet beads almost anywhere - Walmart, Target, Hobby Lobby, etc.
Have your student read a word from their weekly sight word cards.  Then have them string the alphabet beads to string or pipe cleaners, spelling the word.

Make practicing sight words a ball!  Record several sight words on construction paper and attach the cards to a beach ball.  Toss your child the ball and ask them to read the word that their hand landed on.  For added practice have your child practice writing the sight word!

Source: Sight Word Practice

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