Friday, August 29, 2014

A Glimpse Of Our Week!

Last week we celebrated our first birthday.  It was fun to celebrate Kamden's birthday with him!

Last Wednesday we had the opportunity to participate in an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  Mrs. Cummings recently participated and challenged Mrs. Crayton, our school counselor, Mrs. Daniel, our school cafeteria manager, and Ms. Sweazy, our Physical Education teacher.  Brady, Luella, and Brennan dumped the buckets of ice water as the rest of the class cheered.

Brady and Ms. Sweazy
Brennan and his grandma, Mrs. Daniel
Luella and Mrs. Crayton
Every morning we practice greeting each other during our morning meeting.  
Our conversations during our morning meeting relate to our Listening and Speaking Learning Targets for this grading period:
- I can follow class rules for discussion.
- I can speak loudly and express my thoughts clearly.

This week we went fishing for friends in our pretend pond.  As the students "caught" a friend they practiced greeting them.

 We also practiced reading our poem of the week, Time for School, each day.  This week we learned how to add the poem to our poetry journal and learned how to draw a detailed illustration to match.

Here is a video of the students singing the poem.  Aren't they great readers already?

Lastly - a few fun pictures of the students exploring Learning Centers which we do on occasion at the end of the day.

 Check back soon for more updates!

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